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Middle School students create nature mandalas
Back to back breathing 5/3
JK students decorate playdoh 'eggs' 4/10
Attention Games - Week of 2/24
Mindful of Emotions 2/18
Information on Videos
Mindfulness for Well Being
Attention Stones
Mindful Eating
Mindful breathing 9/17
Glitter Jars 8/17
Kindergarten practices mindful breathing 8/17
Mindful Listening 4/17
Mindfulness Club Publishes Book 2/17
How sweet is this?
Mindful breathing
Mindful breathing
Mindful movement
3rd graders and bubbles
Welcome to a new year of mindfulness at ICCS!
Mindful Flash Mob
Listening to the Rain
Sending prayers throughout the world
Dealing with Emotions 11/16/15
Mindful Movement-Walking 10/20
Mindfulness and Anger 10/15
Working through the curriculum
Mindful Breathing with 1st Grade
Teacher and Student
Sharing Mindfulness with the Women of the Cathedral
Benefits of Mindfulness in Education
Mindfulness - Day of Retreat for Teachers
Mindful Breathing
Mindfulness with JK and SK
Middle School Enrichment Completes Mindfulness Classes
Mindfulness with Middle School
Sand Trays - another mindfulness tool
Mindfulness Club
4th, 6th and 7th Grades Practice Mindfulness
4th Grade Completes Mindfulness Curriculum
Mindful Walking
Mindfulness Class - 4th Grade
Mindfulness Club Playing Cards
Middle School Students Focus and Pay Attention
1st graders practice mindful breathing
Mindful Art - Creating Art Mindfully 9/17
Mindful Listening 8/17
Faculty practicing attention skills using bubbles
Mindfulness for Well-Being
Contact Me
What Is Mindfulness?
History and Research
Mindful touch
December 1, 2015