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New Space for Middle and High School
Elementary Mindfulness Club
What mindfulness have you done since I saw you last?
RAK week hugs
Random Acts of Kindness Week
Presentation to JK
Clear mind activity
PK classes listening to a new singing bell
Mindful of the snow
Be Mindful of Beauty
Snow Globes-Glitter Jars
Fundraiser for Club Activities
More mindful touch
Mindful of Touch
Mindful of Feelings/Emotions
What Do Bubbles Feel Like?
ICCS Practicing Mindfulness
HS Seniors focus on breath using bubbles
Mindfulness 2018-2019
Middle School students create nature mandalas
Back to back breathing 5/3
JK students decorate playdoh 'eggs' 4/10
Attention Games - Week of 2/24
Mindful of Emotions 2/18
Mindfulness for Well Being
Information on Videos
Attention Stones
Mindful Eating
Mindful breathing 9/17
Glitter Jars 8/17
Kindergarten practices mindful breathing 8/17
Mindful Listening 4/17
How sweet is this?
Mindful breathing
Mindful breathing
Mindful movement
3rd graders and bubbles
Welcome to a new year of mindfulness at ICCS!
Mindful Flash Mob
Listening to the Rain
Sending prayers throughout the world
Mindful Movement-Walking 10/20
Mindfulness and Anger 10/15
Working through the curriculum
Mindful Breathing with 1st Grade
Teacher and Student
Sharing Mindfulness with the Women of the Cathedral
Benefits of Mindfulness in Education
Mindfulness - Day of Retreat for Teachers
Mindful Breathing
Mindfulness with JK and SK
Middle School Enrichment Completes Mindfulness Classes
Mindfulness with Middle School
Sand Trays - another mindfulness tool
Mindfulness Club
4th, 6th and 7th Grades Practice Mindfulness
4th Grade Completes Mindfulness Curriculum
Mindful Walking
Mindfulness Class - 4th Grade
Mindful Art - Creating Art Mindfully 9/17
Mindful Listening 8/17
Faculty practicing attention skills using bubbles
Mindfulness for Well-Being
History and Research
Mindful touch
December 1, 2015
Faculty and Staff Practice Mindfulness
Mindful Fox
Contact Me
Great Quote
The Texture Wall
Ms. Waters' SK Class Is Melting
Mindful Eating
Mindfulness Club Playing Cards
Mindfulness Club Publishes Book 2/17
Middle School Students Focus and Pay Attention
Faculty MFW
1st graders practice mindful breathing
Teachers create prayer flags
What Is Mindfulness?
Dealing with Emotions 11/16/15